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Echo Studio and Echo Sub

Darren Twa Home

Outstanding 10/10

I bought the Echo Studio and Echo Sub from Amazon.


I have used Echo dots for a long time. When I was looking to replace my computer's speakers I throw the Echo Studio into the possibilities.


The specifications for the Studio say that it can be connected to a computer through both bluetooth and a wired connection, but I have found with devices in the past that just because something is capable, it isn't always easy or the results are not what one would expect.


The Amazon Alexa app seems to get worse with time, and you have to use it to set up the speakers. That is the worst part, but I'm used to that by now.

The speakers themselves sound fantastic. If you are not using it to replace a TV sound system, I don't think the subwoofer is necessary. I use them for my TV sound with my Fire TV and love this pairing.

I have connected the Echo Studio to my computer, but mostly just stream music to it from Spotify and use some old computer speakers for the rare time I need to hear computer audio since I mostly rely on headphones. Fortunately, computers can send audio in multiple directions these days.

I was also given a free trial of Amazon Music. What a disappointment. The sound quality is excellent but the day to day use of Amazon Music is too painful. I barely used it at all since you cannot control your audio stream from a desktop computer like you can for Spotify. Until Amazon sorts out that basic feature they will struggle to gain members. Why can every other streaming service work with an Echo and Amazon can't?


Outstanding. I really love the Echo Studio and Sub and use them for hours every day. 10/10

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