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Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Clip Stash Travel Belt Wallet

Darren Twa Travel

Outstanding 10/10

I bought off of Amaze for travel but now I use it for my everyday wallet.



When traveling, I prefer not to use a regular wallet or anything else a pickpocket might have success in removing from me.


This won't replace a wallet is you need or want to carry a lot of cards with you. I only keep a driver's license, a credit card, a debit card, and a bit of cash in mine.

When traveling, I do use the clip to keep the wallet secure inside the waistband of my clothes, and my belt conceals and covers it. Unless I am using it, it remains secret.

When at home, I do not use the clip and simply keep the wallet in my front pocket. This breaks the bad habit of a back pocket wallet.


The Lewis N. Clark Hidden Clip Wallet exceeded my expectations. 10/10

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