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Sony MDR7506 Professional

Darren Twa Tech

Excellent 9/10

I purchased these Sony headphones from Amazon.



I work from home and needed some headphones for two reasons. One, to block out various noises from other household members. Two, to keep my own audio to myself. Since I had to wear these for hours a day, I wanted something light and comfortable.


Buying headphones online is always an iffy experience since you do not know how they will fit you. Will they be too tight, too large, too small, cause ear pain, sound good?


These are the best headphones I have ever used. If they broke I would immediately order another pair. The audio quality is excellent, they are light, they are comfortable.

I have even taken them traveling and used them on flights. This next time though I will be using my Soundcore Q30's for travel and won't have to worry about breaking these.


Excellent 9/10

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