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Greenworks 80V 21" Self-Propelled Mower

Darren Twa Home

Outstanding 10/10

I purchased my mower at Costco, but this is the same mower at Amazon but with different battery options.


I purchased an electric mower to replace our old gas mower because I was tired of buying gas, oil, and doing the annual maintenance required of it.


I was concerned that an electric mower would have insufficient power for the thick grass on our lawn. This is why I opted for the 80V mower.

Set up

I put the batteries on the charger immediately since they do not come fully charged and should be fully charged before first use (as with most rechargeable battery operated things these days). This did not take more than several minutes for each battery.

There is not much to do to set up the mower other than removing it from the box. I only had to install the top portion of the handle which required the included nuts and bolts and a philips head screwdriver. It was not difficult and the instructions were clear.


Just press the start button and it is running. No gas and no oil and the yearly maintenance of such things.

I mowed our entire yard very quickly using the self-propelled mode almost the entire time. I found the mower to be very powerful and only used the larger 4.0 Ah battery leaving the 2.0 Ah hour battery fully charged. Even when the grass is thicker expect no problems mowing the yard with a single set of charged batteries.

At one point the mower did stop and needed a few seconds before it would restart. I am not sure why this happens (although I read elsewhere that this can occur). It only happened one time over the course of about an hour.


The Greenworks 80V 21" Self-Propelled Mower exceeded my expectations. 10/10

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